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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Let's catch a wave of change

So Closers: Dimension Conflict is pretty good. Another game I wish had a hybrid online/offline mode so I can enjoy the story even if the online component disappears. The cast is really likeable, and I always enjoy a good beat-'em-up. I don't know if it's because of all the Dead Rising I played, but something about running in a mall doing cool stuff gets me going.

In work-related news, still recording and auditioning and stuff, but as always that's slowing down once school starts back up. I have such a large backlog of fun things I wanted to work on but put off due to school. It doesn't end. \(^o^)/

As mentioned on Twitter, X4's taking a bit of a break so I can enter the MikuExpo song contest again.

It seemed like a good idea at beginning of the month, until I realized that I haven't flexed my musical muscles in like... a really long time. But just you wait! It's time to put together what I've learned and create my magnum opus! Again!

In other news, did you guys see all the new games and stuff coming out? (OH MY GOD MEGAMAN.) It's like this year is making up twice as much for last year. (YESSSSSS MEGAMAN.) I saved so much because I didn't want anything. (MEGAMANMEGAMANMEGAMAN) Now I want everything...

Ah. That's the story of my life, isn't it? I want the world.



Good night.

(Side-note: I'm thinking about changing up my signature Ai-Fi Runaways that I've been rocking. I wonder what the next set of phones will be? How exciting...!)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ruruka ririka rurarira rurara, don't hate me though I post so late

Between my self-destructive logic and my desire to make fun things, I've let the poor blog get neglected! Again! (Holy geez, I only posted three times this year. Was it really that busy?!)

But that's a story for another day. So here's the downlow on X4:

In-game battle voices: 90% (Everything's recorded, it now needs to be injected into the game.)
Pre-battle intros: 70% (Iris and General need to wrap theirs up.)
Cutscenes: 50% (A little more mastering and injection needs doing.)
Sound engineer is elfing around: 95% of the time (I blame the Genmtendo Switch. Gunvolt and Fire Emblem are too addictive!!)

So we're almost at the finishing line! Finals have now ended, so please bear with us as we bring this project to a clean close!

... or so we thought.

Actually, I have an extra surprise for you:

The project doesn't just stop with a playable mod, as a bonus you'll also be getting the Maverick battle intros that unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to re-enable in-game.

There's also one more cool thing in store, but that'll have to wait until we finish the playable part first. I can't wait until you can give it a listen~

In other news, I found some interesting little tools recently for messing with PSX CD images. Someone a while back inquired about my making the mod playable on disc. At the time, I didn't think it could be done. But now, maybe I can give it a shot. Would you like to see that? I'd also like to give Megaman 8, Legends 2, and maybe even Eretzvaju a shot... but let's finish X4 first, shall we?

I also wanna finish working on those Ex-Aid and Gunvolt scenes. That'd be nice. I actually wanna take a stab at voicing some of the gameplay from GV2. The endgame scenes are just too much!

So that's that for now. Still busy as ever. One day I'll finish all my voiceover stuff and my backlog of videogames. *sigh*

Finals are over (for now), and Winter Recess has finally begun though! Maybe there's hope?! (Closers is finally in english...)

As always, follow me on twitter for more fun shenanigans, like this vid I made of Vegeta dancing.

(Side-note: Oh yeah, and in case you somehow haven't heard yet, Megaman 11 is a thing! Woot woot! Sad I can't voice in it, but moar Megs is always a wonderful thing!)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

An Unyielding Dub

So for those of you still following this thing that haven't noticed the sudden shift in activity to twitter, leaps and bounds for the X4 redub project.

8 bosses are basically recorded and almost done, though they could use some more leveling.

Colonel, Double, and Sigma are already recorded, they're still in the process of being mastered. The mavericks are going to be re-mastered after this, and then it's onto mastering the cutscenes!

We're almost there, really. Thanks for sticking around long enough to see it. (All 4 of you. Might be more now.)

And again, do check out twitter for more awful, geeky jokes, pictures of food and toys, and general shenanigans.

In other news, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is the bestest show ever, I have a bunch of the gashats now thanks to my total lack of self control. Fourze is cool too, it's very Starforce-esque.

See you folks at Splatfest!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Songlation - Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!

Remember, raise those arms up on "E", and swing downwards on "Rin"!


Ei-rin! Ei-rin! (Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
Ei-rin! Ei-rin! (Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
Ei-rin! Ei-rin! Ei-rin! Ei-rin! (Ei-rin! Ei-rin! Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
Eirin~! (Ei-rin! Ei-rin! C'mon help me Eirin~!)

Ahh, whatever shall I do?!
With this arm that I raise towards the endless sky (Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
Know that you are my beloved moon
inside-out my imperishable moon (C'mon help me Eirin!)
Oh, hurry over quick
as this arm swings towards the earth with all my might (Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
can you hear me sending out this sign
Eirin just for you this is my sign

Eirin Eirin come save me please
I cry out throughout the day
aimless timeless the hourai
elixir drinkers all bear this fate
Reisen Tewi must still be out
for the pair's nowhere to be seen
Who could it be now that's come to these grounds
out to get me oh no

(Eirin Eirin c'mon help me Eirin!)
Eirin Eirin c'mon help me Eirin!
(Eirin Eirin c'mon help me Eirin!)
Hurry over quick!

So, here I've come to help!
Following your arm raised towards the endless sky  (Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
Know that you are my beloved girl
indulgent, yet still my beloved girl (C'mon help me Eirin!)
Hey now, I am in a rush!
as your arm swings towards the earth with all your might (Ei-rin! Ei-rin!)
I can you hear you sending out your sign
Eirin please help me Eirin

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Eirin! Save me from 2016!

Ending 2016 on a fun note, here's a surprise songlation nobody (myself included) saw coming! "Help Me, Erinnnnnn!!" originally by Cool X Create!

It's been stuck in my head since the summer, and now it's become a songlation. Who would have thought?

A proper release on YT  and blog post will follow shortly. Happy 2017 everyone!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Those 90's anime faces are now 20 years old

Happy 29th Mega-versary! Has it really been that long?!

To celebrate, the X3 audio mod I did a while back is now available for download!

Speaking of, you guys see the 66-Action mini figures? Smol-nutt is mega adorbs~!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years

So, it's been kinda quiet, huh?

I know the usual thing is:

>Take forever to make something

>Post about it a few days after it's been published

>Disappear for a while to do IRL stuff

But I think the gaps between posts have been getting bigger and bigger, huh?

I sometimes worry I don't have anything left worth to say. Every post slowly becomes a bunch of characters all out of context.

... wait, did I just quote one of my one songs? Oh goodness, maybe there's some hope after all.

In any case, if you haven't checked 'em out yet, a few of the tracks off of "vocalize" have been updated on newgrounds, and even mirrored onto soundcloud.

Still trying to find some time crank the last half of vocalize out. Almost theeeeere~

On the IRL side I'm back in school, and it's been eating up a huge chunk of my time. (Am I the eternal student? Like Kyo Kusanagi? Or Kintaro Oe???) And you know how I usually slow my roll during school so that I can get school stuff done? Well, school just domineered the remaining chunk I used to dedicated to creative stuff. It's been a pretty harrowing experience.

But maybe I'll come back Saiyan strong after this. Who knows.

The fact that all these fun things keep releasing isn't helping. I broke study time to play GV2 (oh it was so, so good), but I can't keep doing it for BlazBlue, Project DIVA X, SeHa Girls, Shantae, KoF, and Pokémon.

... I'm a horrible liar, I totally unlocked a bunch of the easy-peasy trophies for Central Fiction the other night.

Oh, and Dr. Strange was cool too.

Argh, my willpower is fading. Winter break needs to hurry up and get here.

So 'til next time, space cowpokes. We'll Mau Mau in the next episode.

(Bonus shot of my Spidey suit shoot that we did shortly before NYCC as a field run for the thing. As much as I rag on the old Spidey movie trilogy, I do enjoy 2 a lot. I think it's obvious which part of the movie was my favorite.)